Ashamed of My Past

Lately, I can’t stop thinking about how ashamed I am of the things I’ve said or done growing up.  I know to many people it sounds like a waste of time to obsess about, since we “all did things we’re not proud of as a kid.”  (That’s the canned response I get when I try […]

Boring People Should Not Own Cameras

Today, after browsing through some random blogs, I was inspired to use my camera.  I bought this expensive (at the time) camera many years ago, and have barely used it.  Here are the results of my experiment: The first photo is a collection of items I intend to put up for sale on E-bay.  A […]

My Mental Illness & Unemployment Status

I quit my job of a year and four months on December 5, 2012.  I have been experiencing another low period ever since.  This is my attempt to get my feelings in text. The quality of my life has steadily declined since I was sixteen years old when I began experiencing very dark and uncontrollable […]