Boring People Should Not Own Cameras

Today, after browsing through some random blogs, I was inspired to use my camera.  I bought this expensive (at the time) camera many years ago, and have barely used it.  Here are the results of my experiment:


The first photo is a collection of items I intend to put up for sale on E-bay.  A cookie oven, an industrial-grade under-the-counter light, and a basic food steamer.  I acquired that cookie oven for free because a company I used to work for decided they no longer wanted to sell cookies.  I took that home on the bus.  I got some awkward glances.

my buddy and me

Next, you see a photo of my best friend and I.  This picture wasn’t actually taken today, but it did happen to be in my camera, so here it is!  She randomly decided to enter a beauty pageant, so I tried to support her by being there for her on the day of the event.  She’s pretty, in my opinion, but she’s not the beauty pageant type.  At least she went through with something she said she was going to do.  I can’t really say the same, myself.

wildberry tea

This photo is half-finished wildberry iced tea.  When you’re thirsty and there’s nothing to drink in the house, there’s always iced tea!  I learned a new trick today, too!  Before you pour the boiling water into the pitcher, you add a pinch of baking soda.  It prevents the tea from getting foggy.  It worked beautifully and I must say was very delicious!  The recipe I used is from Allrecipes and, although it calls for regular black tea, you can substitute tea bags as you see fit.  I used two Wild Berry Zinger tea bags and four regular black tea bags to make my iced tea.

unfinished painting

The final picture is a painting that I have recently started.  It is incomplete (clearly), but I’m quite proud of it.  I had the idea that when it’s finished, I should frame it and give it to my boyfriend’s best friend when his daughter is born.  It might be a nice addition to the baby’s room, since it’s colorful and optimistic.  I am developing quite the obsession with matryoshka dolls.  I am already fascinated with Russian culture-especially their classical literature-it’s only natural I should want to create something inspired by Russia.

That concludes my photo-blogging entry of the day.  I am not sure if I will do this again in the future, since I don’t really explore the world around me like some of the other photo-bloggers.  It was a bit of fun, though.

//WHOA// I just noticed something unintentional.  As I was editing the post for spelling and grammar errors, I noticed that all of these photos have a theme.  That theme is: incomplete.  For the first photo, I actually created an “E-bay station” in my house a couple of weeks ago, but I never actually listed anything.  The second, I stated I was jealous of my best friend for following-through with something she said she was going to do.  I took the photo of the tea before I was done making it (although I did eventually finish making it).  And the painting, well, the painting is clearly unfinished.  I suppose I should do this more often and get a glimpse into my psyche!


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